¡Pura Vida! Costa Rica

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida! in Potrero

Potrero is located on the West side of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste. Although primarily a fishing village, that may soon change with the advent of the main access road acquiring a new asphalt surface. Businesses in the towns of Flamingo and Tamarindo flourished when a similar event happened. Those towns are just south of Potrero about five and twenty minutes away, respectively, by car. Along the coastline there you will find mostly beaches that alternate from white sand to dark sand from the north to the south. The North Pacific Ocean flows into the Potrero Bay here and the sun sets by 6 p.m. every day. Hurricanes do not hit this coastline mainly because of the unique climate and geographical location of this region. The mountain range in the central part of the country is also beneficial to dispersing high winds that come from the Caribbean side and thus preventing them from ever reaching the western provinces. Guanacaste is among the driest parts of Costa Rica but that doesn't mean it's exempt from the country's only two seasons - the Summer season which is hot and dry and the Winter season which is rainy. The days overall are very warm to hot, but less humid than the southern and central parts of the country while the nights are cool to warm. Getting to Potrero is relatively easy as flights arrive daily into Liberia International Airport which is just about 40 minutes away by car. Although the paved roads can be found in poor condition many parts of the year there is always the option of taking the "Monkey Trail" if you're fortunate enough to be traveling in a 4WD vehicle.

Costa Rica Profile at a Glance

Official Name: Republic of Costa Rica
Capital City: San José
Population: 4,016,173 (July 2005 est.)
Government: Democratic republic
Living Environment  
Pros: Excellent climate, lower-cost life, friendly people, potable water
Cons: High import tax, bureaucracy, bad roads
Business Environment  
Pros: Stable government and economy, great opportunities
Cons: Bureaucracy, corruption
Local currency: Colón (colones)
Exchange rate: US$1.00=¢437.91 (2004), US$1.00=¢398.66 (2003), US$1.00=¢359.82 (2002)
Inflation rate: 11.5% (2004 est.)
Unemployment rate: 6.6% (2004 est.)
Agriculture - products: Coffee, pineapples, bananas, sugar, corn, rice, beans, potatoes; beef; timber
Industries: Microprocessors, food processing, textiles and clothing, construction materials, fertilizer, plastic products
Exports - commodities: Coffee, bananas, sugar; pineapples; textiles, electronic components, medical equipment
Imports - commodities: Raw materials, consumer goods, capital equipment, petroleum
Literacy: Total population: 96%, male: 95.9%, female: 96.1% (2003 est.)
Life expectancy at birth: Total population: 76.84 years, male: 74.26 years, female: 79.55 years (2005 est.)
Location: Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama
Area - comparative: Slightly smaller than West Virginia
Land boundaries: Total: 639 km, border countries: Nicaragua 309 km, Panama 330 km
Languages: Spanish (official), English
Telephones - main lines in use: 1,388,500 (2005)
Telephones - mobile cellular: 923,100 (2004)
Internet users: 1 million (2005)

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Costa Rica Business Directory

Costa Rica Business Directory 
It's done! One of the largest and most comprehensive business directories for Costa Rica is available right now on this web site! What makes this one different? Unlike other online directories, and there are only a few anyway, this directory is searchable on a variety of criteria and offers far more than simply a name. You'll get phone numbers, fax numbers, cell phone numbers, postal information, address and directions to many and, in some cases, a description of a company's services. Hours and hours have been dedicated by our contributors to make this a reality and as a result there are nearly 7000 listings and this grows all the time!

The Americal in Surfside

W2 Surfside

Lot W2 in Surfside is now known as "The Americal". The Americal is located at W2 Paseo Surfside in the community of Surfside in Potrero. Commercial space will soon be available for leasing in late 2008/early 2009. To learn more click here.

Playa Potrero

Morning in Potrero Bay

Located to the immediate north of Playa Flamingo lies Playa Potrero. This beach is at least 2 miles long and is made up of soft dark (black) sand. The water is great for swimming. The beach can be busy on the weekends, but tends to be pretty quiet during the weekdays. Just north of the beach is an area well known for an abundance of wildlife. A visit will provide the opportunity to see monkeys, birds, and much more!

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